May 16, 2017

‘Interview with The HollyHobs/Sgt Pepper turns 50!’, Paul or Nothing Bonus Episode #7

Welcome back Paul-bearers across the globe. Join us for a very special bonus episode, where this week I have the pleasure of interviewing on of YouTubes rising stars, rising Beatle content stars that is. Hosted by Aneil Maharaj, The HollyHobs is one of the best series of videos I have found in the research for this show. His videos are inishgtful, well made and tap into an oft overlooked or underappeciated element of a Beatles song. We talk everything from his massive Yoko Ono video which went viral overnight, to annoying our respective partners with constant Beatles-based analogies. 

I also brought Aneil on the show to discuss the upcoming 50th anniversary release of the Beatles seminal 1966 album, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. We discuss what songs still hold up, which don't and whether spending $50+ on any CD is worth it.

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