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McCartney III Summary - Paul or Nothing Bonus Episode #79.

October 2nd, 2021

I promise you, this is the last McCartney III episode...for a while anyway...

In this episode I/we cover...

  • The four McCartney III bonus tracks.
  • All the music videos, including “Find My Way”, the Geoff Dunbar animated “When Winter Comes”, “Slidin’” and the Lyrics videos.
  • The music videos for Dominic Fike’s “The Kiss of Venus” and Beck’s “Find My Way”.
  • The 12 Days of Paul.
  • Paul McCartney’s Reddit AMA.
  • All the video interviews including Zane Lowe, Idris Elba, Howard Stern, Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon and the Adam Buxton podcast.
  • And then finally we are going to round things out with the last of the major published reviews we had for McCartney III.

Please enjoy. Peace and love,

Time Stamps:

  • Intro - 00:00 - 02:27!
  • Housekeeping - 02:28 - 07:09
  • Bonus Tracks with Dylan Sevey - 07:10 - 01:18:06
  • Music Videos with Matt Phillips - 01:18:07 - 02:12:17
  • McCartney III Summary (solo) - 02:12:18 - End!!!

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Hosted by Sam Whiles.

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