April 28, 2020

Thrillington (1978), with Eoghan Lyng - Paul Or Nothing Catch Up Episode #2.

Hello everyone and welcome to the second of our "Catch Up" side series, where I've been going back and reviewing anything I may have/certainly missed during the original chronological run of the podcast.

This time, we are talking about Thrillington (1978), but as many fo you know, Thrillington is not just an album, but also the mysterious individual who made it. Come join me as I detail not only the albums recording, it's strange marketing campaign and the identity of Percy "Thrills" Thrillington...

Later on in the ep, I will be joined by my good friend, writer and journalist, Eoghan Lyng, to lend a hand in discussing the album track by track. 

Hope you're all safe.

Please enjoy. Hare Krishna. Peace and love.



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